Palang tod cast and crew ullu webseries Actress name

Palang tod is the ullu series. It is the most romantic drama movies and series. Ullu is seres production company and palang tod is the webseries that is cluding in ullu. PAlang tod is the most watchable series it is good a fantastic series. In this series all of the worker do is or her best acting to make his series good and perfect.

Ullu is never making a bad series or also you know ullu is never disappointing the user. Always uluu generate the good series. Ullu is the best platform to watch the series. In the palang tod series ullu invest more money to make this series fantastic. As you know palang tod is the most watches series in ullu. 

Palang Tod Cast name and crew name

The cast and crew or actor name are listed below.

1) simran khan

2) Rekha mona

3) Tarakesh

4) lalit

Simran khan is a nurse in this series. Rekha mona sarkar played the wifif roled. Her extemly played a good wifi role in palang tod series. tarakesh played the patient and his nurse is simran khan. Simran khan is doing the treatment of tarakesh. And last the Lalit is the husband of the rekhna mona.

It is the top 4 cast of the palang tod caretaker seasons.

In different season there is change the cast, actor, and crew. Palang tod season comming upto 21. In fuurre direactor make more seasson. Because palang tod is mos famous seasons.

Palang tod mom and daughter cast and crew name

The cast and crew name of palang tod mom and daughter are listed below:

1) shivangi Roy

2) shika batra

3) Sachin kumar

It is the top cast of palang tod mom and daughter. his actor perform best than the careaker of plang tod seasons.

How To Watch Palang Tod Ullu webseries

1) First go any browser and sderearch engine you like most

2) search there ullu.

3) in search result click the first website that is official website.

4) Then you must buy the subscription of ullu.

5) search the palang tod into the inside of ulluu OTT 

6) there is result show by the uluu ott watch and enjoy 

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