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The Full Form of BRO is the border Road Organization. It is the integration of the army. In any country it is use the army of that country. In many country it is established in 1950 to 1960. It is control by government and that country leader of army. In any problem find than government is fixed. One most notice is that it is a not a private company it is the proporty of government. It rod is held in boarder of country. Army use to protect the country from enemy.

Also protect the area of country. It is use for other different purpose and different work. It is not use by cititzen of that country. Only autorized person use this the BRO (Border Road Organization).

Bro Full Form

Most Important Point ot the Bro

* It is use only autorized person other are not allowed.

* Army or authorized person use this road to protect the land of country from other or neighbour country.

* Army use this road when army do the secret mission.

* Only government pass engineering oly reconstucted that road when road quality is decrease.

* Only excuted worker work on this road.

* FIrst chemical test and pass the the material and use to that materials in renovation. 

* Its contribute the developnment of social economic in border state.

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