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Full Form Of AG

Today we will describe the full form of AG. The full form of ag in different in different category. As the science or chemistry student know the full form of AG as the chemical name. In other side the account student or acount manager know the another full form of Ag. In different section or different field we know the different full  form of AG. 

Than we are the confused in the full form of ag. And ask ouerself which is the organic or real full form of Ag. To Day we will say you the organic fullform of Ag in different view. In which field of peple say the full form of AG.

Full Form Of AG In Chemistry

Ag is the name of the chemical element. It is the not a science channel so we couldn't describe more about this chemical name. Ag is a full form of Silver. The short name of the silver is Ag. AG.

AG Full Form

Full form of AG in Account 

As we know account is the big field. In all field of company you will find the account manger or accounty related people. So we couldnot ignore the full form AG as the view of Account related people. The Full Form OF AG is Account General. 

There is also another full form is the common and i think all of the student know this full form. Adjutant General.

Note: This all Full form are research in the internet. If we did mistake int he fullform of the AG than Comment in below.

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