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What is the Full Form of ICC
ICC Full Form

The full form of ICC is the International Cricket Council. It is establish in 1909 at the impaire of different countries of cricket club. That is Australia England And SouthAfrica. In 1965 it is rename the the name as ICC. Now the main headquator is in UAE in Dubai.

The council have total 105 or more than 105 country is the part of the ICC. The top 12 country are Australia, Newzeland, England, SouthAfrica, Pakistan, India, Afganistan, Bangladesh, SriLanka, Ireland.

This 10 country is fully approved in icc. The fully approve country play all of the icc tournament without playing qualification league. The ICC gives 12 country to play the tournament than other two country comes from qualification. The main qualification team is Nepal, Oman, UAE, USA, Sigapoure, Canada, Netherland, Scotland, Hongkong also other it is the main country to chance the win the qualification league

How to ICC divide the Rank System

The icc divide ranksystem in  3 part player and country. Test series, One day internation series, T20 series. Country divided in ranking by rating of the country. Yearly change this rate system and reanew this process Now number 1 test country is Newzeland , ODI is Newzeland and T20 is England like same process player also divided by ranking with number 1 batsmen in test ODI and t20.

What is the tournament of the icc

Icc have a dfferent tournament it is held in different times. Like ODI is the biggest icc tournament it is held in 4 years. IT is held last in 2019 naow held in 2023.
Test Champion id held by 1 year as yearly. It is the new tournament. Icc have another tournament that is Champion trophy that is officially closed by ICC Lat winner of this tournament is Pakistan. SO icc start new tournament is test champion series. 

Another and Last one is T20 is the favorte by all cricket fan. BEcause it is finish in 3 hour. it doesnot need a long time to finish the game.

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