CPC Full Form | What is the Full Form of CPC?

 CPC Full Form

Cost Per Click

Their is two cpc full form that is trend and it is recommand to know you the full form of cpc.    The Full form of Cpc is Cost Per Click. It is the trend in the adnetwork company with their client or publisher. I will give you example if your google adsense account is approve than you find their is cpc. That means in your product your product user is clic in the google ads than googleadsense pay you some cent or dollar per click. It is the full form of cpc at the view of adsvertide company.

Top adsnetwork that pay with cpc.

Google Adsense (Top adnetwork)

Media.net (Top adnetwork)

Ezoic (It is not a adnetwork is is the AI base technology for website management  also surf the ads in website)

A-ads (Cryptocurrency adsnetwork)

properalles adsnetwork

It is the some asnetwork that is provide revenu from cost per click.

CPC full form

Central Pay Commission
The full form of cpc is central par commission. It is the design to the structure of the central goverment employess and defense force. CPC is the menbership of  union cabinet it is setup aor regerding salary structure to the goverment employees. The union cabinet has a chairman full time secrety. It is affect organization of rank structure.

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