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Skipthegames is the our worker programmer system. In this concept we use the oops concept. If you don't know to make the worker system of program than tou come to right place to know the program of worker system. In this section we describe the work system. Note skipthegames is the our program name or also the program class name. So skip the games is not a diffcuilt things.

What can you do from this program. You can do lot of things from this skipthegames program. If you make the employer details website. Than you can add or remove easily your employer details. Les see the program and describe the all program line by line

SYNTAX of program

class skipgame():
    company = "skipthegames"
    total_worker = 50
    salary = 1000
    age = 18
    note_read = ("your age must be cross 18")
    def __init__(self,worker_name,age) -> None:
        self.worker_name = worker_name
        self.age = age
        self.status = "you are sucessfully join ou skipthegames company"

katri = skipgame("katri watson",18)

jain = skipgame("jain sam",22)

subam = skipgame("subam watson",34)

First we make the class name as a skipgames. Define the company of name total work need in company salary of worker and minimum requiredments of worker age. Make the init constructor to pass the attributes in object. Pass attributes worker name and age.

In down creating the object with the worker short name. Define all the worker name. and age in object. All three object is work by same method all object are create the different employer. Each employer has different object.

Use the help of that object. You can see the salary or age or company. Anythong what do you want. Any time we can see from this program. It is the simple program. Now we can see the output and you can know how to program output work.


you are sucessfully join ou skipthegames company
your age must be cross 18

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