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 Python is a one of the types of computer programming language. python programming language is  growing up and up in programming world. Python is a fantastic language. python is a beginner friendly and easy to read code

Why python is so popular        

Python is read ability program. python have many function method. python have constructor and object oriented programming it helps to grow up programmer logic. object oriented programming is also known as oops. 

History of python

The designer of python is Guido Van. Python has a special  programming language because python has excet and error handling method. python2.0 is released in 16 october 2000. python 3.0 released 3 December 2008. There is lot of difference between python version 2 and python version 3.

Python is a most use for cyber security field. Programmer have easy to make a script to protect the computer. Now the python famous for web developer.  Python has high level of libary.

Python future

In old age must java script is use for web development in now days python django and flask is famous for web development. flask is better for beginner. Django is best for pro. Recommand that Django is use for web development.

In cyber security field the programmer make security tools from ruby c c++ now days in python is famous. In future the web development and cyber field are totally occupied by python programming language.

Python best language

Python is best language for beginner because python is easy to read. In other programming language the programmer use semicolon (;) to end of one line code but python doesn't use semicolon.  Other programming language justify the int string and decimal use value is use. Python has no option to justify python automatic justify. 

Any tools and software that make more than 100 line python compress into 40 t0 50 line. Python has reduce the length of code.

Python function and method

Here is listed below of python function 
1) if statement: It is a condition statement.
2) else statement: It is aoptional to use in condition statement.
3) elif statement: It is a condition statement.
4) break; When condition meets then loops break or exit.
5) continous: When condition meets then skip that output value run loop again.
6) def function: It make the own programmer function
7) for loop: It is a for loop.
8) while loop: It is a while loop.
9) with open(): It open the system file
10) list: It is a data types example[1,2,"code"]
11) tuple: It is a data type example (1,2,"code")
12) dictionary: It is a data type example {"code":"codebug free is best for python"}
13) set: it is a data type {1,2,"code"}

Python top 10 module and library

python top 10 library and module are listed bellow:

1) Regex: Find any number, gmail, age, name from string
2) Request: Send request to website
3) Date time: Import date and time to programe
4) Random: Generate any Random number
5) flask: Web development
6) django: Web development
7) numpy: Machine learning module
8) pandas: Machine learning module
9) tenserflow: Machine learning
10) Strings: Generate all alhpabet and symbol like #%^

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