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 In this section we discuss that point many beginner python programmer mistake. Their is lot of the word that reserved in python. That types of word cannot use any programmer.

What happen if you use that python reserved word. If you do this than your program is confused. What do or what not do and gives error and faces you error.

You always make program neat and clean. If you want to write a program at first research the python reserved word. 

Make This remember when the python version is update. Update version of python reserved word is also update. In python 2 version their is one confusion problem that is print and print(). If you want to make a good programmer in python than you always update your self with new python document update or release.

Which of the following is not a keyword in a python language

Some types of word does not reserved by python programming but this is important point When you use any module that word reserved by python module so you cannot use that word as same as python module name.

You cannot write file name with python reserved word or python reserved module. If module name and python file name is match. When you import the module than python interpreter gives you error message Because python is confused with python module and python file.

Following word that reserved by python language

There are many word that reserved by python some word are listed below:
1) False
2) True
3) if
4) else
5) elif
6) is
7) def
8) not
9) in
10) lamda
11) map
12) filter
14) reduce
15) for
16) while
18) Boolen
19) set
20) return
21) rise
22) try
23) except
24) or
25) pass
26) import
27) break 
28) continue
29) class
30) as

This is the common and basic word that is use in python program and reserved in python programming language.

What happen when use python reserve word

hello = "which of the following word is not a python language"
import = "to know visit code bug free"


import = "to know visit code bug free"
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Here we make the 2 two variable hello and import. Hello is nor reserved by python but the import is reserved by python. When we import the module that time programmer use import keyword. so comes error in out put.

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