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Python vs c#

In this section we compare between the two most popular Programming Language. Python vs C#. This two different programming language work for different purpose. Python is use for general purpose and the C# is use for .net.

C# is also known as C sharp. C# is older programming language than python programming language. C# syntax is diffcuilt than python. Python syntax is to easy.  Programmer also see the beginner friendly programming language. 

Python is a beginner friendly. C# is not a beginner friendly. Mainly Beginner choose the python programming language because python has great support community team than C#.

C# is use in .net and unity game development. Unity game development support the c# not python. So the C# is good for game development. At see the view of game development than the best programming language is c#.

unity is beginner friendly game development. Any one make be a game development than c# is best language.

C# vs Python syntax

Now see the syntax of python programming language and c# programming Language.

C# syntax make integer 

int a = 10

syntax make for string

string a = "codebugfree"

Python Syntax for int

a = 10

syntax for string

b = "codebugfree"

Let see the difference between syntax of python and C#. C# required to identify the int or string variable which you want to use. But in python no required to write string int. It is automatically detect the python programmer.

Python is use for machine learning, Data science and web development. Python have different module to use in machine learning data science. C# have also but the syntax is easy in python so must of the python programmer easily make is carrer in machine learning and data science.

Python syntax vs c sharp syntax

Problem with Python and C#

Python support the if else elif condition. Python have for loop and while loop. Python have oops concept. c# also support the opps concept. loop and if else condition. But the main point is that python oops concept is easy and beginner friend and support the multiple inheritance. 

C# oops concept is diffcuilt and C# does not support the multiple inheritance because it create the Dimond shape problem. C# community is low so any problem then hard to get solution.

So the codebugfree is recommand to go with python not c#. If you are a want to make a game developer than go with c#. 

What can you do from Python and C#

There is a lot of doing work for a programmer. Web developer, game developer, app developer, Cyber security. If you learn the python than you can do simply web developer and make the game using the python module  py game in python. Make some awesome command line tools. 

If you learn c# than you can do the .net frame work. and the most popular is master in unity. Unity is a game engine. Make 3D and 2D game from here. If you want to master in unity than you know the C#.

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