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Raw manga

In this section we learn the Python module to Genrate the raw manga. Raw manga is also known as jokes. We generate the raw manga from python with the help of python module. Python have different different types of module. 

But only some module are popular. Pyjokes module is also popular because, It generate the jokes. When the programmer feel boaing and lazy than programmer use to python module pyjokes to generate the raw manga.

Python generate the Raw manga as a jokes. It is also known as a Al generate the raw manga. Python module pyjokes has different module and different function. Pyjokes has capable to generate the different 4 types of language.

Pyjokes also generating the 3 different types of jokes. We all see all the jokes or raw manga in a code. Install the pyjokes module with the help of pip. Write the pip install pyjokes in your python terminal. Than you have a good internet spped than automatically download with out error. If you have a slow internet than get error.

Beginner programmer mistake they write their file names as a when programmer import the pyjokes module than python confuse with pylokes file name and module. So the code bug free is recommanded that wqrite the file name other else.

Now let see the the our python code to generate the raw manga. make the file name with other name and import the pyjokes module.

import pyjokes
raw_manga = pyjokes.get_joke(language="en",category="neutral")

Here we import the pyjokes module to generate the raw manga. Creating the raw managa variable and use pyjokes method or function to generate the raw manga. Generate the raw manga in english language with neutral catagory.

Now we see the another types of manga generate but it is quit difficult than this type of first raw manga . Here we use the loops contact to generate themore raw manga with simply one line of code.

# using loop concept to generate the raw manga
import pyjokes
for raw_manga in range(0,10):#creating forloop
    raw_manga = pyjokes.get_joke(language="en",category="neutral")

It is same as a first raw manga create with python. But it is quit different first is generste the one raw manga to one time program run. But second one is generate the more than 10 manga to one time program run. We use for loop with range. Range given 0 to 10. So automatic raw manga generate 10 times and program make stop.


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How do you know whether a person is a Vim user? Don't worry, they'll tell you.
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