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Beginner confused about the python programming Language and other programming language. Beginner think Python do nothing or Why use python. In this section we explain briefly the python do nothing or what can you do with python.

Beginner think their is Html CSS and Javascript for web development. Why use python Module Python is not a official language for web development. Their is unity and Unreal engine to make the £d gamed they are support the C sharp and C++ computer programming Language. Why we use the Pygame module. Java and Kotlin is official delare by google for Android apps development. why we use the Python programming Language.

It is beginner problem to judge the programming language with the company uses. Programming language are use by company it depend the company niche. If the company Manufacture the Operating System then the company use the C or C++ Because it is old programming Language and it syntax is friendly for Any Operating System. Windows KaliLinux is also use this operating system.

Python do nothing

The Gane engine or game company doesnot change their programming language. All programming Language is similar and equally work for game development. If the company change the programming language then It is harm for Game developer and That company loos the experience Game development.

All the programmer say the Kotlin is best for Android app. Kotlin is friendly for android apps developer. Python has no official declare by android apps. You can make the Apps with Python you can make. The python apps is does not work properly and user friendly.

What can we do from Python Programming Language

In the see of beginner than python do any things. Python have many module and Libary. You can do from a python are listed below:

1) Calculator

2) Number Guessing Game

3) Railway ticket form

4) Snake water gun game or Rock paper scissor game.

5) Command line Utility : It is use for Making tools with command line.

6) Django or Flask : using this two module make the Website Instagram also use the Django

7)Health management system: To write and save your diet

8) Machine learning 

9) Data Science

10) Making 2D game using Flappy bird.

11) Make tools use in Cyber field.

12 network security.

Their is lot of option to do In Python Programming. In this modern age Machine learning and data science is Value able in this year.

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