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 In this section we discuss the backend of website of movierulz. Movierulz use javascript or python. It is a main question. All website owner have different option to use website backend.

Backend of website is also backbone of any website. In backend any bug or mistake in syntax programing  error in any way than that website speed is increase the speed and security is too weak.

Movierulz backend programming

Backend role the main point in SEO. SEO is a Search Engine Optimization. Seo helps to boodt your website in any search engine. Backend makes the website professional, suitable, Flexibility, Connect to the database, Connect to the any API.

Most of the website owner is carefully research to choose the backend for which programming language is suitable. In this case movierulz owner is also research carefully. I think Movierulz owner has also choice to choose the javascript or python for backend programming language.

Movierulz choose the wordpress. Wordpress is drag and drop system. Not required to programming language. It is beginner friendly for without knowledge of programming language. There option is plugin that plugins helps to make your website what you want in your website.

Which is better for backend programming python or javascript

It is a code bug free personal opinion. If you like javascript than go javascript or likes python than go to python for backend programming.

Javascript is make for the purpose of website build. It is use for mainly for website backend. Google browser and bing browser is create by helping of javascript. Other old website is also create by javascript. Old time famous javascript. More than 70% website owner is use javascript.

Python is not official for declare for website backend programming. Python is use commercial and cyber field. Python have many module and packages. All module is use for different purpose of work. Python has mainly 2 module for website backend programming that is Django and Flask.

Django and flask is use for website develop. Now the Python is famous for web develop also. More than 1.4% use python django or flask.

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