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 In this section we learn the basic of ml. ML full form is machine learning. ML is the branch of Artificial intelligence. In 2022 there is lot of opportunities of machine learning. Machine learning is involved in general computer knowledge.

If you want to make carrier in machine learning than you know programming language. IN 2022 mainly two programming language use they are Python programming language and R programming language.

Full Form of ML

Mostly python programming language famous in this year because for python you can do other than machine learning like web development, Cyber field, Data science.

ML : Machine learning

ML is Stand for Machine Learning. It is the use in AI. AI full form is Artificial Intelligence. AL is use to make the data system algorithm and data analize. It is mainly focus in alternative of human mind..

ML is the high job opportunities in 20221 0r 2022. How to work machine learning. If you have a mobile phone than your mobile phone camera automatic detect your face that is part of machine learning and Artifical intelligence.

If you make a carrer in machine learning than you can know the python and R programming language. Python is most famous and popular in machine language because python is beginner friendly. So codebugfree is recommand use python for learn the machine learning.

Python Module for machine learning ML

There are many module in python but only some of the python module but only some of the python module is use for machine learning ML they are:

1) pandas

2) Keras

3) Tenserflow

4) Pytroch

5) scipy

6) Numpy

7) Sciktit-learn

8) Theano

It is some module use in python programming language to learn the machine learning. Also required the basic of  python like set Dictionary file object and other more important basic of oops concept.

OOPs is mainly important for your machine learning programming. OOPs makes your code is reable and reduce the length of code .OOPs has three types of class Heritance, multiple heritance, multilevel heritance.

You can learn oops from our python project catagories. Codebugfree teach the python oops concept without confusing. 

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