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 In this section we discuss the full form of java. It is intresting fact that the java has not any full form. Java is one of the types of programming language. That use in general purpose.

Java is mostly use in android development. Lot of the apps are make in java programming like amazon youtube google drive. In old age java is famous for android development. Now kotlin is famous for android development.

full form of java

Why java has no full form

java has no full form because Java is develop by James Gosling at son microsystem in 1995. When developer thinks his name for java programming language they drink a coffee.

That time they give name his programming language java. so the java does not have full form.

Java is the open sources software. Java syntax is similar than c and c++. So java is similr than c and c++.  In 2019 java is most popular for web application more than 90 million + developer use java programming language. It is basically design for c++ draw back.

Java oops concept is similar than c programming language. Full form of oops is object oriented programming. It is funny facts the java does not support the multiple inheritance. 

java is also known as slang of coffee. Java has no officially full form but the developer gives java full form is Just Another Virtual Accelerator.

In october 2021 java 17 is latest version and java 8 11 and 17 is the current long support of java version. Java application is bytecode that is only run in JVM. JVM is stand for java virtual machine. 

Java Virtual Mechine is a open sources system. It is use for developer and it is almost linux distributions.

Note: Don't be fool in java full for Just Another Virtual Accelerator. It is not officially declare. Only java developer use this full form. 

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