IT Full Form - What is full form of IT

 IT : Information Technology

IT is  stand for information technology. It is mainly used in computer field.. It is also use in software develop and software manage. IT deals with all computer types like super computer mini computer hybrid computer. Software are secure the information securly.

It is also including the hardware web development database. It is mange the software and hardware same time to measure their performance. In IT field we also know the basic programming language Python java c c++ . 

IT full form

Most Popular IT field

They are most popular IT fields they perform various task in different condition.

1) App development
2) software development
3) web development
4) web design
5) database mangement
6) Ethical hacking
7) system analyser
8) Computer scientist
9) software engineering
10) Senior programmer
11) Networking 
12) Database design

There is also lot of  various job opportunities. In modern age IT field job is growing and requirement more opportunities.

1) networking
2) wed deveopment
3) cyber field
4) software development
5) programmer 
6) bug hunter

In case of your knowledge is good than you can also make the data scientist and machine learning. You can know the python to master in machine learning. 

Data scientist is very popular and fomous job in 2021 year. Data scientist is rare so it it is famous.

IT : Income Tax

IT has also another full form it is income tax. Income tax is not related in computer and programming field. It is related in government. Income tax is a tax system of citizen of the country. Income tax is control by the goverment. Citizen of country does not have control of income tax.

In this website we learn the programming and computer science. Than we do not know properly information of  income tax. If you want to learn the popular programming than you can be the visit our popular python course.

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