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 In this section we learn the the Phonesploit tools. How to use Phonesploit. You will come right place to know the the Phonsploit tools. Phonesploit tools in work both Termux and Linux.

Today i am guide one by one installing process of Phonesploit and adb in Termux. Beginner do lot of mistake when installing the Phonesploit tools. Also gives the Command to download and install sucessfully.

Phonesploit tools is the best tools to connect the mobile with ip address. Phonesploit tools is work both Linux and Termux. Linux is based on Computer Operating System. Termux is based for android apps. Termux makes the Virtual Linux Environment. That way Termux is also support the basic tools of linux. We also Know about the adb

installing Phonesploit Tools

What is adb? Why adb use in Phonesploit tools

Basically ADB is stand for Android Debug Bridge. It is mainly develop for App developer. Apps developer has always do work hard when he check is under developing apps. It is very difficult and very hard to check. 

Than the android developer make the easy process to check is developing app. Than the android developer makes the adb. Helping of adb developer  check is application without installing the app. Developer connect android device with only Ip Address. It is only make for commercial use for developer to test his under developing apps.

The main problem is that it is very danger so the any android mobile developer option is automatically close.

If your android mobile developer mode is open than any one can access your mobile only knowing the Ip address. Always close the developer mode of your android device.

Phonesploit tools

How to use and install the Phonesploit Tools in Termux?

Phonesploit tools is one of the types of python script. It is only work in python. So you can download the python in your terminal or Termux. Phonesploit tools mainly work in highend device. Your android mobile is more than 6 plus android version and more than 3 Gb ram. Phonesploit tools work local area network and wide area network. If you not install the adb than the phonesploit cannot work properly. Make sure that adb is properly install or not install. Down below command List.

apt update

apt upgrade


pkg install python

pkg install python2

pkg install git

git clone

pip install colorama

chmod 777


If any cases when the adb is not fount and tools is not work properly than use his command in phonesploit directory

sudo apt update

sudo apt install android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot

If You get any problem than comment. Any question relate termux and cyber field than comment below. I will give your answer. This much for installing the phonesploit tools. If you want to learn the python than vist our python course

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