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bollyflix website backend 

In this section we discuss the bollyflix cc website backed. First we discuss the what type of bollyflix cc website. Bollyflix cc website is piracy website it means it is illegal wesite.

Bollyflix cc website gives free movies and dyou can download movies in all available language and all available quality in bollyflix cc.

Bollyflix is a free movie downloading website but we will not promote te illegal website. In this section we discuss the bollyflix cc website backend.

There is a lot of option available to use of backend like django, flask, php, javascript. In this example of backend most popular is php and flask now in this year django is most popular. All the people things bolly flix website use python for backend but it is totally wrong. 

The bollyflix cc does not use any python backend. Bollyflix use very famous backend that is wordpress. Word press is the open sources software. Word press is drag and drop system. If any body does not know programming than they are available to use word press. because in word press no did to be master in programming language.

 Now all of want use word press for backend. Yes you can use word press for backend no need to use python programming or other programming. If  you does not know about programming language than you can use word press. Other wise if you know the programming language than you does not use word press for backend.

Wordpress or python for backend 

Bollyflix use word press than it is not recommand for use word press. Word press is good and word press have lot of plugin. Use of plugin make a website like pro.

If Word press plugin have bug than you website is totaly risk. You doesnot have any option. You have only one option that is believe for word press or word press plugin.

Bollyflic cc does not use python or other programming language for back end. it is totaly depend for you. Now i am recommand for you use programming language. because you make a website likes what do you want.

python backend website security is totaly on your hand because you write the website program on his your own word. 

NOTE: We do not promote the illegal website. It is sharing only information of website backend. We does not promote piracy website. We follow the google policy and other search engine policy. Does not use bollyflix cc

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