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 In this section we learn the Computer field ALU define the ALU and full form. ALU is use computer field for general purpose work in computer field. ALU is the stand for the Arithmetic logic unit. Mainly arithmetic logical unit is two types they are Logical unit means short form LU and control unit means short form CU.

Define ALU | Full Form ALU 

The full form of ALU is Arithmetic logical unit. Arithmetic logical is also known as IU. IT perform the calculation  of mathematic  in processer. ALU has ability to perform the mathematic equation and problem solve. Like addition substraction divide multiply. It is split into Logical unit and control unit.

The command or code tells to ALU to perform a work as a input data After the complete the task given in input data than sent and save in memory unit.

ALU has more capable than addition and substraction. It is multiply between two or three digit also it is very costly. ALU increase the load in CPU. That is the main way engineering does not like to use ALU.

Engineering is not like to use Alu because. It takes to lot of time. It is totally time wasting. ALU increase the load of cpu. CPU full form is central processing unit. It increase the heat in central processing unit. So engineering does not like to use the Arithmetic logical unit.

The operation ALU perform different types hence they are: Arithmetic operator logical operator and bit-shifting operator. 

Now the Advantage and Disadvantage of  aALU

Advantage of ALU are listed below:

1) It is support the better performance of application

2) There is no risk in sensitivity issues

3) Their is no memory wastage 

4) They are less expensive

5) It has capable to perform high number of addition

Disadvantage of ALU are listed below:

1) It has to many bug

2) It increase the load and heat in cpu

3)There is irregularities latencies

4) The design of control is hard to understand

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