Above Top Secret - Python password generator beginner project

 In this section we learn about the basic project of python. The name of this python project is Above top secret python password generator. Today we will describe about the tools. How to make own tools using python.

Before we describe the password python generator tools. Yow know the basic python like Dictionary update oops concept. In this project we make the two types of  password generator tools basic password generator tools and Advance password generator tools. Lets describe about the defination  of password.

Top secret password generator

What is Password

Password is the one of the strings, int, special character. Which is make from combination of string int and special characters. It is the key of  internet . if you use social networks or other types of website than is open by password. 

When first time you visit any website than you login your account with setup password. That setup password is very important to your social media site and other website. if you forget password than you cannot open you that existing account. If this password is know by other person than your social network or other website account information is used for bad thing and illigal things.

Then you have one choice to make the strong password but it is difficult to set in this world 90 percent of  people set 123456789 , qwerty,1234, 12345, 123456, set this type of secret. The code bug free recommended always set difficult password. if you does not save difficult password in your mind don't worry. In this project our program has capable to password difficult password and save this password in your system. Now describe the python  password generator tools.

Above top secret python password generator

import random
import gettext
a = ("#$bc#!*&=¬~")
creaction = gettext.lngettext("your password list",":","\t")
number2 = random.randint(1,100)
group = gettext.lngettext("c","£¬","z")

sec = gettext.ngettext("a","","~")
number1 = random.randint(100,10000)

for password in creaction,a,number2,group,number1,sec:
    security = password
    if security == password:
        #history = str("your password is: ")
        with open("pass.txt","a")as e:

It is a basic Above top secret  password generator python project. Fir we import random module. Random module is a types of module that have capable to generate the random number from programmer given range. Import the gettext . number2  is variable that makes by random module and it has capable to generate any number from 1 to 1000. number1 is also same of number 2 only difference the range here 100 t0 1000. make the for loop to iterate all out put value in password than all password is assign to the security now security and password have same out value than file open with withopen function and all password is save in pass.txt.



Now the second and advance Above top secret password generator python project. 

import string
import random
s1 = string.ascii_uppercase
s5 = string.punctuation
s2 = string.ascii_letters
s3 = string.ascii_lowercase
s4 = string.digits

#for password in s1,s2,s3,s4,s5:
    while True:
        user = int(input("Enter your password length greater than 8: "))

        if user>=8:
            s = []
            space = "\n"
            with open("password.txt","a")as e:
                with open("password.txt","a") as w:
            print("please enter greater than 8")

    print("Enter number not a alphabet")
a = input()

Importing string and random module. In beginner project  their is define the random module. In here define the string module. It is types of module it has capable to generate the alphabet upper case and lower case , generate the punctuation mark like special characters and generate the digits. 

s1 to s4 generate and save. iterate s1 to s4 in password variable starting a while loop get user input to ask how many character of password you want to get. User input greater than 8 make empty list in empty list extend all generate value. All save list value shuffle. shuffle means all value is now zigzag. then print the value in join function. their join function is convert all list value to string and print o to user input character. 

Open file password.txt in append mode and open write the file in strings and  give one line space second  open function loop break. In this project we use to error catching try except, if else condition and while loop and for loop if you don't know this i will provide this om codebugfree website.


Enter your password length greater than 8: 20

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